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Hotel saved $200 – Cost them $30k

As contractors, we regularly deal with commercial accounts (commercial property owners and managers) where we hear all the trials and tribulations that building managers and engineers go through.  Tight budgets and difficult economy are just a couple reasons why replacement of old, worn and out dated parts is difficult or impossible.  These building managers and engineers get strung along by corporate or ownership and at the last minute they get the go ahead to spend the moneys for the repairs – many times after a disaster happens.

Well, the clock ran out at one such hotel recently. The insult to injury was the “go to” plumbing contractor preferred by the hotel, told the hotel engineer at 10:30 pm, that could not make the call that night even though water was pouring out of the pipes. What a slap in the face!

Genesis Diversified came to the rescue by providing a crew of 4 men, continuously operating three (3) water extraction machines for 16 hours straight, until another plumbing contractor could come in to do the necessary repairs to stop the water from running.  (Since the hotel has a 100% satisfaction guarantee, they didn’t want to shut the water off to its 100 guests until the guests were all gone the next day).

The bad part of this story is that when the building was built there were no isolation shut off valves at the top of the tanks where the water goes out to the building. A $200.00 savings cost over $30K.   The good news: after the new plumber got the repairs to the plumbing completed, Genesis Diversified dried the building and got them back in full operation.       Dale Coram


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