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Why You Should Choose a Company That Offers in-House Services and Why They are Cheaper

You might be wondering about the pricing on our services and why they are more affordable then pricing from our competitors.

We entered this business a little under decade ago. Even back then we noticed that our competitors have a strange habit that is sadly often present in our industry. They take on projects for clients and they hire sub-contractors to do their job. Usually, this is due to their inability to work on the projects because of the lack of staff, or they simply don’t have the needed equipment to work on the project. But, hiring sub-contractors to do their job is not the wisest business decision.

Depending on the services these sub-contractors provide, the end result often doesn’t exceed the expectations. Sure, you might argue that some companies have a long-term partnership with the sub-contracted companies they hire and they trust that these companies will do an excellent job on the project. But, the truth is that companies who hire sub-contracted companies to work on their project have to sacrifice the needed budget for the project and make their services more expensive. Naturally, the company has to profit in some way, but they also have to pay for the services they use by their sub-contractors. This often leads to a more expensive pricing for their services, which is not in the best interest when a client is looking for a company.

You might be surprised to learn that there are companies that actually take on projects and divide the work on to multiple sub-contractors. This makes them sort-of the middleman for a project. You pay them for the services, they pay the needed money for the sub-contractors and earn some profit. If this is the case, it’s better for the client to independently search and hire these sub-contractors right? This way the client would lose time, but at least they won’t lose their money.

Working with companies that offer in-house services is the best option. We choose to independently work on projects without hiring any sub-contractors to “help” on the project. This way we can be sure that we are in full control of the quality of the project and ultimately, provide an overall better and more affordable experience for our clients. We are aware of risks that come into place when using sub-contractors on a project. They miss deadlines, deliver poor quality services and so on. These are the reasons why we provide in-house services for our clients. The biggest advantage of providing in-house services is that we don’t have to cut corners on the project to fit the clients budget or have a high pricing for our services. We strive to bring the best and most affordable experience for our clients, all while delivering high-quaily services in the shortest time possible. We have the needed staff, experts, and equipment to take on any project and we are proud of that. This way our reputation will always be depended on ourselves.

Hopefully, after reading this, you gained some knowledge on why it’s better to hire a company that offers in-house services. If you are interested in the services we provide or have any questions, please contact us.


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