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Why It’s Important To Maintain And Upgrade Your HVAC System

As a facility manager, naturally, you have a lot of responsibilities regarding every aspect of that building’s operation. You have to maintain the working environment so it could operate in the smoothest way possible. Having an updated and maintained HVAC system installed in the building is essential for a smooth operation of that building. However, if you don’t regularly maintain the HVAC system, Maintain And Upgrade Your HVAC System or if you are still using an outdated version, you might not be aware of how much that impacts your business. That’s why we decided to share a few facts that will give you some insights on why it’s important to have an updated and maintained HVAC system installed in your building.

  1. Reduce Repair Costs

Maintaining your current HVAC system or upgrading your outdated one will decrease repair costs dramatically. If for some reason your HVAC system fails and breaks down, the repairing costs are not cheap whatsoever. Every business is better off if they invest in maintenance of their current HVAC system, or if their system is old, they are better off investing in a new one.  Old HVAC systems are vulnerable to having problems more regularly. If you have an old HVAC system installed, we advise you to update it.

  1. Increase Energy Efficiency

Having lower operating costs is a goal for every business owner. Many owners and managers fail to understand that the outdated and old HVAC systems are not energy efficient. As the technology of HVAC systems is involving, newer systems are more energy efficient, thus making the electricity bills lower. Having trouble convincing your supplier why these upgrades are needed? Start off by informing them that the newer HVAC systems are 30%  more energy efficient. It’s a good investment in the long run.

  1. Maintain Your Reputation

The reputation of your company is important for your public image. It’s very important to have a properly working HVAC system installed in your building, especially if your business is in the customer-service sector. Not only will it decrease profits in the long run, but it will also impact the perception that your client/customer has about your business.

  1. Begin Switching Refrigerant

R-22 Refrigerant is commonly used in many older versions of commercial HVAC systems. As you might know, R-22 refrigerant will be fully prohibited for usage starting January of 2020. If your current HVAC system is using it, you should install a new system as soon as possible. Don’t forget, 2020 is only 2 years away. 

  1. Your employees will be more comfortable.

Every business wants their employees to feel more motivated and be more productive. When an employee is comfortable in their working environment, they will do their job much better. The employees will be distracted if the office or room is too hot or too cold. Naturally, everyone wants to feel comfortable while they work and if the temperature in the indoor environment is not right, you cannot help but focus on that. Having an updated and maintained HVAC system installed is essential for your employees to feel comfortable. Instead of focusing on how hot or how cold they feel, they will do their job more efficiently which in return means better business for you.

Hopefully, this gave you some insights on why it’s important to maintain and upgrade your HVAC system. Here at Genesis Diversified Services, we offer maintenance and installations of commercial HVAC systems. If you are interested in our services or have any questions, please contact us.


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