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Roof Damages You Can’t See And Why You Should Consult With A Professional

Most of facility building managers and owners fail to maintain their roofs. They often neglect the roofing because it is outside of the building. Having the attitude – “Out of sight, out of mind” is not only a very poor asset management, but it can also lead to dangerous consequences. Not to mention the fact that leaving the roof un-maintained will bring future expenses for changing it, long before it should be changed.

When you think about the materials used in commercial roofing, naturally you expect the roof to last a very long time. Depending on the investment and the materials used on the roof, most facility owners expect their roofs to last anywhere from 5 to 25 years.

But, because the roof is constantly being exposed to several external elements(sun, rain, snow, ice, high winds etc.), it is important to inspect and maintain your commercial roof at least two times a year. Most managers and owners of facilities do these inspections by themselves, and sadly, they often do it when there is a need to (after a storm). Although it is beneficial to do these inspections by yourself from time to time, it is also vital for you to hire a professional that can determine and inspect your roof to see if there are any damages in place.

To illustrate this, for example after a thunderstorm occurs or even high winds, some managers, and owners will go and inspect their roof.  They will walk around the roof and see if there are any visual damages made to the roof. However, what they fail to see is a small crack in caulking or a void around the roof vents and other penetrations where some water has already been trapped inside. After a few months and several rain showers, they will see discoloration on your ceiling tiles and realize that they are dealing with a roof leakage. This is why you should hire a professional facility maintenance company do to regular roof inspections, especially after any major storms. This way you can prevent any major roof problems that might occur, and in some cases, even save yourself by not investing in a new roof long before you even should.

When you are inspecting the roof, please try to see if there are any visual signs and damages such as:

-Pools of water on the roof.

-Signs of mold or moss growing on the roof.

-Loose roofing tiles or other materials.

-Blisters/bubbles forming under roofing materials.

-Signs of cracks, peeling, blistering or curling up of the materials.

If you notice any of the above-mentioned damages, consult with a professional and repair them immediately. This way you can prevent further damages to the roof. Severe roof damage repairs or replacements are not cheap whatsoever, so better be safe than sorry.

Here at Genesis Diversified Services, we offer a full-service roofing division that covers every aspect. Everything from general roof repairs to replacements by installing brand new roofs – we do it all. Please contact us for more information.


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